Vehicle Body Repair

This course runs for up to 2 years

The next available start date for this course is 08/08/2021.


Course information


Course Content:

  • Carrying out dent repairs using different methods, learning how to repair plastic components.
  • Using MIG/MAG welding techniques – you will be certified at BS1 4872 standard during your first 2 years.
  • Removing and refitting vehicle panels and components attached to these panels.
  • Measuring vehicle dimensions and ensuring vehicles are returned to the road with having had a safe repair.
  • Learning how modern vehicle are constructed and learn to read manufactures repair methods.


Transferable Skills:

Welding steel and plastic, panel alignment, chassis alignment and general maintenance of various components.


Assessment Methods:

Your vocational tutor will also visit you at your workplace to ensure you are provided with the correct amount of practical tasks for you skill level. They will also discuss your progression with your employer, and parents, if necessary.


How long will it take:

Each VCQ qualification can be completed within 2 years. If you are a faster learner, then each level of your qualification can be completed at your pace allowing you to become more practically skilled quicker.



Progression is from Level 2 to Level 3 in all programmes, if and when you gain a Level 3 this can be used to progress to a University


Useful to know:

Vehicle Body Repair Technicians have a very varied working day as no two vehicles are ever damaged the same way. Skill levels are very high and most who gain their qualification remain in the industry. Some have move to live in other countries where they have found their skills are highly sought after.


Vehicle Body Repair apprenticeship course at Riverpark Training Northern Ireland


The next available start date for this course is 08/08/2021.

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What People Say

  • Jonathan started as an apprentice panel technician in Prestige Body Repair in Carrickfergus in 2002 and achieved his NVQ Level 3 in 2005, he since then moved to Wrights ARC Mal- lusk where he worked as a panel technician until 2008. He then joined AXA insurance as an in house engineer and has recently completed his Insurance Engineers exam at Riverpark Training which now makes him a fully qualified Field Engineer within the Insurance Industry

    Jonathan McAree 2018-05-02

  • David started his training in 2003 and completed his NVQ Level 3 in 2006. He was employed as an apprentice panel technician with Agnew Accident Repair Centre and has worked on high end vehicles such as Porsche, Mercedes and BMW. He was promoted to Vehicle Damage Assessor in 2014

    David Dennison 2018-05-05

  • Bill started training in 2002 and became an apprentice at Wrights Accident Repair Mal- lusc, he achieved his NVQ Level 3 in 2005 and was also a finalist at Thatcham Craft Awards twice. Bill has now progressed to become a Foreman in the body shop and is also highly influential in ensuring both the Mallusk and Dromore sites of Wrights ARC meet the require- ments if BSI.

    Bill Maddox 2018-07-03

  • Robert was one of the 1st apprentices that attended the former Blackwater House. He trained here for 3 years and achieved his NVQ 3 in 2003. Since then he has worked for Wrights Accident Repair in Mallusk then moved to their Carryduff branch as a foreman in the paint shop. In 2013 he joined LKQ Automotive Refinishing Products as a Technical Repre- sentative and is currently providing paint systems instillations and technical support to the accident repair industry in Northern Ireland.

    Robert Templeton 2018-07-03

  • This course has matched my employment very well. The tutors are very informative and provide their time to help you progress in your career

    Elliott McNally 2018-07-24

  • The inspection report carried out by the ETI has graded Riverpark Training as very good in all areas.

    Education Training Inpectorate 2018-02-28

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    More about our Apprenticeship Courses?

    Apprenticeships are paid employment positions whereby you will be permanently employed by a Bodyshop or Workshop local to you. You will spend between 4-6 weeks with your employer: learning the trade and earning money.

    Every 5-6 weeks, you will come to Riverpark Training for ‘off-the-job’ training where you will have access to above industry standard facilities/equipment to learn theories, practise, and be assessed on what you need to know.